1200W Portable Electric Halogen Remote Control Room Heater, SG-HIT2004

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• Brand: STARGOLD • SKU: SG-HIT2004 • Safety mesh grill. • 3 heat settings. • Power indicator light. • Easy to carry when switched on. • With remote control. • Oscillating function. • With tip-off switch. • Power 400/800/1200 watts. • 220-240V ~ 50/60 Hz. • BS plug

Product Description

STARGOLD 1200W Portable Electric Halogen Remote Control Room Heater (SKU: SG-HIT2004)

Introducing the STARGOLD 1200W Portable Electric Halogen Remote Control Room Heater (SKU: SG-HIT2004), a cutting-edge heating solution that combines powerful performance with convenient features for a warm and comfortable living space. Embrace the warmth with STARGOLD, a trusted brand dedicated to enhancing your indoor comfort.

Key Features:

  • Safe and Stylish Design:
    • The SG-HIT2004 boasts a safety mesh grill that not only keeps you safe but also adds a sleek and modern touch to your room. The sturdy construction ensures reliable and safe heating.
  • Customizable Heat Settings:
    • With three heat settings at your disposal, you can tailor your heating experience to your preferences. Choose from 400W, 800W, or 1200W to achieve the perfect level of warmth.
  • Power Indicator Light:
    • The power indicator light informs you at a glance whether the heater is on or off, so you can always be aware of its status.
  • Portability at Its Best:
    • This heater is designed for your convenience. It's easy to carry when switched on, so you can place it wherever you need it most. The built-in handle makes it simple to move around.
  • Remote Control:
    • Enjoy the luxury of remote control. Adjust the settings from the comfort of your couch or bed, so you can stay warm without leaving your comfortable spot.
  • Efficient Oscillating Function:
    • The oscillating function ensures even heat distribution across the room, so everyone can benefit from the warmth.
  • Safety First:
    • Safety is paramount, and the SG-HIT2004 includes a tip-off switch to automatically shut off the heater if it's accidentally knocked over. You can have peace of mind knowing that your safety is a top priority.
  • Adjustable Power Output:
    • Choose the level of warmth that suits your needs with the adjustable power output. Select between 400, 800, and 1200 watts to create the ideal atmosphere for any occasion.
  • High Voltage Compatibility:
    • The STARGOLD heater is built to perform efficiently with a power rating of 220-240V and operates at 50/60 Hz, ensuring compatibility with various electrical systems.
  • Tip-Off Switch for Safety:
    • Your safety is our priority. The tip-off switch feature automatically turns off the heater in the event of an accidental tip-over, minimizing potential risks.
  • User-Friendly Design:
    • Power Indicator Light: A clear power indicator light informs you when the heater is in operation, keeping you informed at a glance.
    • BS Plug: The heater comes with a BS plug, making it compatible with standard power outlets (220-240V ~ 50/60 Hz).
  • Ready for Use:
    • The SG-HIT2004 comes with a BS plug, ensuring easy and safe installation.

Don't let the cold weather get the best of you. Experience the warmth and comfort of the STARGOLD 1200W Portable Electric Halogen Room Heater. With its range of features and the convenience of remote control, you can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your home, all while keeping safety a top priority. Stay warm, stay comfortable – choose STARGOLD.