STARGOLD 2000W Portable Electric Fan Room Heater with 2 Temperatures, SG-HIT2002


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•Brand: STARGOLD •SKU: SG-HIT2002 •Safety thermal cut-out •2 heat settings •Indicator light •Adjustable thermostat •Overheat protection •With tip-off switch •Power 1000/2000 watts •220-240V ~ 50/60 Hz •BS plug

Product Description

STARGOLD SG-HIT2002 Portable Electric Fan Room Heater

Stay warm and comfortable, no matter the weather, with the STARGOLD 2000W Portable Electric Fan Room Heater. Whether it's a chilly winter night or a brisk autumn day, you can rely on the trusted warmth and safety features of Stargold to keep you cozy. Don't let the cold get the best of you; upgrade your comfort with the SG-HIT2002 Room Heater today!

STARGOLD 2000W portable Electric Fan Room Heater SG-HIT2002 will keep your house toasty. It is the perfect wintertime companion. With its portable design, it can be placed anywhere in the house. The knobs on both sides help to regulate air velocity. 

This Electric Fan Room Heater SG-HIT2002 can be used in an upright position to maximize room warming in the shortest time possible. It emits immediate heat at 2000W to keep you at the abstract temperature at all moments. 

  • Brand: Stargold - When it comes to quality and reliability, Stargold is a name you can trust. Our SG-HIT2002 Room Heater is no exception, offering you the warmth and comfort you deserve.
  • SKU: SG-HIT2002 - Easily identify and reference the SG-HIT2002 model for all your heating needs.
  • Stay warm - The practical and convenient STARGOLD portable Electric Fan Room Heater SG-HIT2002 will keep you warm throughout the entire year. STARGOLD is committed to providing the highest-quality room heaters to keep you comfortable regardless of the season. During the cold winter months, keep your home, office, or caravan warm and cozy with a variety of heating options. 
  • Ideal for any setting - Whether you need to heat a small or large home, STARGOLD portable Electric Fan Room Heater SG-HIT2002 has the ideal solution. With a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate any space, heating a small office or a larger living room is a breeze, allowing you to unwind with ease. 
  • Warms the home - For a delightfully toasty winter, this STARGOLD portable Electric Fan Room Heater SG-HIT2002 is the best option. With the ability to heat both large and small areas, these heaters are incredibly user-friendly and can heat your home in minutes for long-lasting comfort.
  • 2 Heat Settings - The STARGOLD Room Heater is designed with versatility in mind. Choose between two heat settings – 1000 watts for a gentle, energy-efficient warmth, or crank it up to 2000 watts for quick, toasty comfort during the chilliest of days and nights.
  • Adjustable Thermostat - Take control of your environment with the adjustable thermostat, allowing you to set the desired temperature for optimal comfort.
  • Safety Thermal Cut-Out - Your safety is our priority. The built-in thermal cut-out feature ensures that your room heater automatically shuts off in the event of overheating, preventing accidents and providing peace of mind.
  • Indicator Light - Stay informed with the convenient indicator light, which lets you know at a glance when your room heater is in operation.
  • Overheat Protection - We've taken every precaution to keep you safe. The overheat protection feature adds an extra layer of security by preventing the heater from reaching dangerously high temperatures.
  • Powerful 1000/2000 Watts - The STARGOLD Room Heater packs a punch with its 1000/2000-watt heating capability, ensuring quick and efficient heating for your space.
  • Universal Voltage Compatibility - Designed to meet global power standards, this room heater operates seamlessly at 220-240V ~ 50/60 Hz, making it suitable for use in a wide range of locations.
  • Tip-Off Switch Enhance safety with the tip-off switch, automatically turning off the heater if accidentally tipped over.
  • BS Plug - The included British Standard (BS) plug ensures a secure and stable connection to your power source, so you can enjoy uninterrupted warmth.

Elevate your heating experience with the STARGOLD SG-HIT2002 Portable Electric Fan Room Heater. With safety features, adjustable settings, and a stylish design, this heater is not just a practical appliance but also a sleek addition to your living space. Stay warm and cozy with STARGOLD.