STARGOLD Portable 18 Inch Small Fan Low Noise 3 Gears Speed Rechargeable Fan USB Charging 10000 mAh Lithium Battery With UP TO 10hrs Working Capacity, SG-4065 WHITE

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Brand: Stargold Model Number: SG-4065 Material: Plastic Wattage: 6 W, 11.1V Installation: Table Top Energy Used: Electric Power Sorce: 220V-240V, 50/60Hz Type: Rechargeable Fan Battery Capacity: 10000 mAh Working Time: UP TO 10 HOURS Speed Mood: 3 Size: 18 inch LED: 4PCS SMD LED LIGHT Remote Control: Yes Product Height: 56 Cm Product Length: 53.5 Cm Product Width: 12 Cm Product Weight: 5.4 Kg Features: Portable, Cordless, Business Useable Way: 5 in 1 (Floor, Table, Wall, Celling, Stand) Country of Origin: China What's In The Box: 1 X Large Rechargeable Fan, Charging Cable/Charging Adapter, Battery Inside

Product Description

Stargold Portable Rechargeable Fan with LED Light-18 inch

The new Stargold rechargeable fan, model SG-4065, provides a powerful and compact means of beating the heat. It is a portable and convenient 18-inch fan constructed from durable plastic material. With its elegant white finish, it complements any interior setting.

The low noise level of this machine ensures a tranquil environment. Featuring three adjustable speed gears, this rechargeable fan from Stargold provides maximum comfort. 

Due to its robust 10000mAh lithium battery, it provides uninterrupted cooling for 10 hours, ideal for hot days. You can recharge your device anywhere with USB charging capability, so you can stay cool on the go.

Stargold SG-4065: Premium Rechargeable Clip-On Fan

SG-4065 from Stargold features a simple, versatile design made of durable plastic designed to last. For those seeking an effective cooling solution without compromising on quality, this model from Stargold stands out as a prime choice. 

Due to its lightweight construction, it is ideal for a variety of settings. It is widely recognized that the SG-4065 is the best rechargeable clip-on fan in its class, with exceptional flexibility. With the intuitive design, you can enjoy refreshing breezes wherever you are, directing airflow anywhere you want with its clip-on feature.

Advanced Airflow Technology in a Compact Design

The product has been crafted from high-quality plastic to ensure durability and performance. It features an innovative 3D wind gear system that allows for three adjustable windshields. As a result, it provides a powerful and comfortable breeze. 

The adjustable settings allow you to control the airflow, adapting to your immediate needs for optimal comfort. Despite the hot temperatures, the innovative design ensures the coolest wind, even on the hottest of days. Compact and lightweight, it is a versatile addition to any room or outdoor area.

Innovative Cooling Technology

With a three-speed brushless motor, this fan stands out as one of the most efficient and quiet fans available. The motor utilizes strong magnetic technology paired with a high-precision commutator, ensuring robust power and prolonged durability. Its thoughtful engineering significantly reduces noise, making it ideal for quiet environments.

This rechargeable fan offers tranquility alongside portability. Its lightweight and compact design makes it easy to move and position wherever a cool breeze is needed, easily blending strong performance with quiet operation.

Versatile Mounting and Portability Options

A detachable base allows this fan to be used both indoors and outdoors. Whether you need a handheld option for direct cooling or a stable setup, this fan adapts effortlessly. As a result of its design, it is extremely convenient to transport, allowing you to enjoy a cool breeze wherever you are.

Moreover, its 5 in 1 usability extends to floor, table, wall, ceiling, and stand placements, highlighting its unmatched flexibility. Because of this design consideration, it is an excellent choice for a variety of room configurations and cooling needs, providing optimal airflow.

Enduring Cooling Power

A powerful 10000mAh lithium battery powers the Stargold rechargeable fan to provide long-lasting performance and reliability. With a full charge, this fan can run continuously for up to 10 hours. As a result, this fan can provide an extended period of cooling without frequent recharges. So it's perfect for both short-term intense use and all-day comfort.

With its high efficiency and convenience, this rechargeable fan is ideal for people who live on the go. The significant battery capacity highlights its ability to meet prolonged use demands, ensuring your comfort no matter where you are.

User-Friendly Cooling Device

A USB charging cable is used to connect this rechargeable fan to a variety of mobile devices, making it exceptionally convenient to charge. It has a high-grip base and an adjustable head with a safety grill, which ensures stable and direct airflow wherever it is needed.

The remote control also adds an extra layer of convenience, it allows users to adjust settings from a distance without interrupting their comfort. The combination of these features makes the fan a top choice for those seeking a practical, efficient cooling solution.

Optimized Illumination and Cooling Solution

This portable rechargeable fan with LED light is ideally suited to a variety of environments, including homes and outdoor environments. It features dual power compatibility (AC/DC) and a three-speed wind setting that accommodates your cooling needs. A bright 6500k LED night light enhances visibility in the dark. During power outages or nighttime events, it is perfect.

There are four SMD LED lights that provide ample illumination, as well as a high-grip base for stability. Due to its versatile capabilities, this fan can be used for both cooling and lighting purposes.

Compact Design and Efficient Performance

The Stargold fan boasts an impressively compact form factor, measuring 56 cm in height, 53.5 cm in length, and only 12 cm in width. Despite its slender build, it weighs a solid 5.4 Kg, ensuring stability and durability. Its sleek design makes it ideal for tight spaces without compromising performance.

Furthermore, this fan operates on a modest 6-W power draw at 11.1V, is compatible with a 220V-240V power source, and is adaptable to various electrical settings thanks to its 50/60Hz frequency range. Consumers looking for energy-efficient cooling solutions will benefit from this efficiency level.

Comprehensive Setup and Global Origins

The electric-powered fan is designed for easy installation on any flat surface, providing a refreshing breeze directly where you need it in your space. As a daily essential in your home or office, it is characterized by its efficient electric usage.

Designed and manufactured in China, this product comes well-equipped out of the box. Included is a large rechargeable fan, a charging cable and adapter, and an integrated battery. You will have everything you need at your fingertips to enjoy immediate cooling relief. Convenience and reliability are both provided by this complete package.

As a result of its adaptability and robust features, the Stargold rechargeable fan stands out among its competitors. The powerful 10000mAh battery provides extended cooling, while the versatile design adapts to a variety of environments. Featuring a safety-enhanced adjustable head, USB charging, and remote control, it meets all your cooling needs.

Get a taste of the 18-inch portable rechargeable fan from Stargold's performance and reliability today. Visit our store to purchase and transform your living or working space with this essential cooling device.