Stargold Fuji Universal Satellite Dish LNB, SG-940 Fuji

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SKU: SG-940 Fuji • Brand: Stargold • Universal Satellite Dish Prime Focus Quad LNBF • High Gain Low Visual Impact Design • Outstanding Linearity & Waterproof • Compatible Under Extreme Temperature Conditions • Multi-Satellite Compatible Solution & Simple Connection • Extra High-Quality Digital Reception • I/P:10.7 ∼12.75GHz & O/P:950-2150MHz • L.O:9.75,10.60GHz • N.F:0.2,0.3,0.5dB • Gain:70dB

Product Description

Upgrade your satellite TV setup with the Stargold Fuji Universal Satellite Dish LNB. Enjoy the best in satellite entertainment with unparalleled reception quality, weather protection, and compatibility. Elevate your viewing experience to the next level – order yours today and witness the future of satellite TV! SKU: SG-940 Fuji.

  • Used normally for direct set top box connections with four universal outputs.

  • This LNB is a high-performance product addressing the need for superior reception under the edges of the satellite footprint. Thanks to Its novel front-end design and superior components, this LNB provides higher conversion gain yet with the lowest noise figure and best phase noise performance.

  • The combination of higher spec components, excellent cross polarization isolation, and advanced filter design enables improved handling of interfering spurious. All in all, this LNB provides a leap in the overall reception performance compared with standard LNBs. The LNB enables the reception of signals from one satellite and its distribution via a Multi-Switch to numerous Set Top Boxes and is ready for High Definition transmissions.

  • Designed to meet strict specifications and manufactured to the highest industry quality standards this LNB is an ideal solution for satellite broadcast reception.

  • Say goodbye to bulky satellite dishes that disrupt your home's aesthetics. This LNBF features a high-gain, low-visual-impact design, allowing you to enjoy exceptional reception without compromising the look of your property.

  • Don't let adverse weather conditions disrupt your entertainment. This LNBF is built to withstand the elements, featuring outstanding weather protection and waterproofing to ensure uninterrupted service in rain or shine.

  • Experience TV in stunning clarity with extra-high-quality digital reception. Whether you're watching sports, movies, or your favorite shows, every detail will be brought to life in vivid HD and 4K.

  • With an input frequency range of 10.7 ∼12.75GHz and an output frequency range of 950-2150MHz, this LNBF covers a broad spectrum, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of satellite signals.

  • Boasting a low noise figure of 0.2, 0.3, and 0.5dB, this LNBF minimizes signal interference and ensures that you enjoy a clean, noise-free signal for your viewing pleasure.

  • With a gain of 70dB, this LNBF pulls in signals from even the most distant satellites, delivering a powerful and reliable connection to your satellite TV receiver.