Stargold Full Motion 10-42 Inch TV Monitor Wall Mount Bracket Articulating Arms Swivel Tilt Extension Rotation, SG-813SB

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SKU: SG-813SB • Brand: Stargold • Movement type: Rotate, Tilt, Articulating • Supported Screen Size: 10-42 Inch • Load Capacity: 20Kg • Mounting Profile: 55-435 mm • Max Vesa: 200 X 200mm • Mount Style: Full Motion • Mount Type: Wall Mount

Product Description

Unleash the full potential of your TV or monitor with the Stargold SG-813SB Full Motion Wall Mount. Whether it's for a 10-inch screen or a 42-inch display, this wall mount bracket is designed to transform your viewing experience. With its range of articulating arms, swivel and tilt functionality, extension, and rotation, you have the flexibility to customize your viewing angle for optimal comfort and enjoyment.

Key Features:

  • Stargold Quality: Stargold is a trusted name when it comes to high-quality home entertainment solutions. The SG-813SB Full Motion Wall Mount upholds this reputation, providing you with a reliable and durable mounting option.
  • Full Motion Design: The full motion design of this wall mount allows you to adjust your TV or monitor to find the perfect viewing angle. You can swivel, tilt, extend, and rotate your screen as needed, ensuring that you always have the ideal perspective.
  • Screen Size Compatibility: The SG-813SB is compatible with a wide range of screen sizes, from compact 10-inch monitors to larger 42-inch displays. This makes it a versatile choice for various spaces, including living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and more.
  • Impressive Load Capacity: Despite its slim profile, the SG-813SB boasts an impressive load capacity of 20 kg. It's built to securely support your TV or monitor, ensuring a safe and stable installation.
  • Adjustable Mounting Profile: This wall mount offers a mounting profile range from 55 to 435 mm, allowing you to choose how close or far your screen is from the wall. The flexibility in mounting depth accommodates different room setups and preferences.
  • VESA Compatibility: The SG-813SB is compatible with VESA patterns up to 200 x 200 mm, making it suitable for a wide variety of TV and monitor models. You can trust it to seamlessly integrate with your display.
  • Easy Installation: Installing the SG-813SB is straightforward, thanks to the included hardware and user-friendly instructions. You'll have your TV or monitor precisely where you want it in no time.
  • Enhanced Viewing Experience: Whether you're watching your favorite shows, working on a project, or playing video games, the SG-813SB enhances your viewing experience by providing you with the ability to adjust your screen for optimal comfort.
  • Space-Saving Design: The slim profile of this wall mount keeps your TV or monitor close to the wall when not in use, maximizing your available space and creating a clean, organized look.
  • Safety and Versatility: This wall mount is designed to improve safety by securely attaching your TV or monitor to the wall, reducing the risk of accidents or damage. Its versatility and ease of adjustment ensure you get the best angle for your needs.
  • Customize Your Viewing Experience: With the Stargold SG-813SB Full Motion Wall Mount, you have the power to customize your viewing experience like never before. Whether it's swiveling, tilting, extending, or rotating, this wall mount offers the flexibility you need.

Upgrade your TV or monitor setup and make the most of your viewing experience with the Stargold SG-813SB Full Motion Wall Mount. Enjoy the freedom to adjust your screen to the perfect angle for any activity.