STARGOLD Luggage Set of 3 PCS ABS HardSide with 360° Rotating 4 Double Wheels, SG-T84D OLD GOLD

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Specification: Brand: STARGOLD Model Name: SG-T84D Casing: ABS Hard Side Exterior Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene(ABS) Interior Material: Polyester Closure/Fastener: Zipper Zipper: Mash Pocket Strap Material: Nylon Handle Material: Aluminum Alloy Handle Stage: 3-Stage Lockable: Number Lockable Password Changeable: Yes you can change your password Is Number Lock safe: Yes Number Lock is safer than Number Lock Pattern: Printed Department: Unisex Wheel Caster: Silent Spinner Wheels Quantity: 4PCS Wheels: 360° multi-directional Gross Height: 76 cm Gross Length: 51 cm Gross Width: 30 cm Gross Weight: 12 KG Trolley 20" Dimensions: 52× 34× 21cm Trolley, 24"; Dimensions: 63× 42× 25cm Trolley 28" Dimensions: 75× 50× 29.5cm What's In The Box: Full Set of 1 Luggage Bag

Product Description

Certainly, here's a product description for the STARGOLD Best Luggage Set of 3 PCS ABS HardSide in the distinguished Old Gold hue, tailored to elevate your travel experiences.

Elegant and Functional Travel Companions

  • Assorted Sizes: This set offers three sizes - 20", 24", and 28", ensuring you're prepared for any journey, from short trips to extended getaways.
  • Robust Build: Crafted from top-tier Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), these suitcases are engineered to endure the challenges of travel, safeguarding your belongings against wear and tear. The ABS material provides impact resistance and durability, maintaining your luggage's condition through numerous trips.

Security & Convenience:

  • Number Lockable: Protect your possessions with the integrated number lock system, ensuring your items are secure from unauthorized access.
  • Changeable Password: Adapt your lock password at your convenience, enhancing both the security and convenience of your travel experience.
  • Enhanced Number Lock Safety: The number lock offers an additional layer of security, guaranteeing peace of mind throughout your journeys.

Effortless Mobility:

  • 360° Rotating 4 Double Wheels: Maneuver through bustling airports or urban environments effortlessly with the 360-degree multi-directional 4 double wheels, providing smooth, easy movement and reducing strain on your arms and shoulders.
  • Silent Spinner Wheels: Enjoy quiet and comfortable movement with the silent spinner wheels, enabling noise-free travel and hassle-free wheel maneuvers.

Smart Interior Design:

  • Zipper Mash Pocket: Stay organized with the convenient zipper mesh pocket inside each suitcase, offering a secure space for smaller items.
  • Nylon Straps: Durable nylon straps keep your belongings in place, preventing shifting and creasing during transit.
  • Aluminum Alloy Handle: The three-stage aluminum alloy telescoping handle is robust and adjustable, allowing easy maneuvering of your luggage.


  • Gross Dimensions: The set measures 76 cm in height, 51 cm in length, and 30 cm in width when stacked together, with a total gross weight of 12 KG.
  • Individual Sizes: The 20-inch suitcase measures 52× 34× 21cm, the 24-inch suitcase measures 63× 42× 25cm, and the 28-inch suitcase measures 75× 50× 29.5cm.

What's Included: The box contains a full set of 3 PCS Luggage Bag, ensuring you're fully equipped for your journeys.

Enhance your travel experience with the STARGOLD Luggage Set. Travel in style, enjoy peace of mind, and make your journeys more enjoyable with these durable and stylish suitcases. Experience the world with the dependability and sophistication of STARGOLD.