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Buy Electric Fans at the Best Price in UAE

Why would we call a fan a "best fan"? Of course, the fan must have some impressive features to serve us. Whether it's about affordability or portability, an electric fan is a great friend in need! This is where you can rely on Buymode, buying the best quality electric fans and iron boxes at a fair price.

So, what quality should we seek in a good electric fan? Now we will know what features make an electric fan the most demandable one.

Features to Look for Before Buying An Electric Fan

Electric fans are also called pedestal fans. Most people see a fan as a traditional three-bladed pedestal or desktop model that blows hot air in your face on a warm sunny day. While this is commonly used to keep your area cool, electrically operated circulators can do more for your home.

They may assist control humidity levels in your home, protect different rooms from ambient air, and even effectively you get a good night's sleep! That's only the beginning. When buying a fan, it is critical to consider exactly what you want it to perform and where you want to put it.

Here are seven features of a best quality electric fan:


One of the primary advantages of a pedestal fan is its portability. As they are lightweight, you can easily move and place them anywhere you want. You can also literally plug it into any outlet without any hassle. A pedestal fan also consumes less space and circulates enough air.

Adjusting Speed

Another feature of a pedestal fan is the fan modes or blade speed. Nowadays, pedestal fans are available with varying blade speeds, allowing you to regulate the amount of airflow required as needed. As a result, adjusting the proper temperature and sleeping quietly at night becomes quite simple.

Light in Weight

Earlier and older Pedestal fans were rather heavyweight and challenging to maintain. However, as time passed, new pedestal fans entered the market. They look considerably better and are a lot lighter.

You may choose a fan that suits your home's theme and décor. However, you need to ensure that the fans are lightweight so you can move them easily. Some pedestal fans also include wheels below to make them simpler to transport.

Power Saver

Pedestal fans are among the most energy-efficient fans, and they haven't yet been left behind since technology has advanced in every industry. The power-saving function is a significant advancement in pedestal fans and is also why they are so popular. They can let you save up to 50% on your total power cost. Isn't it incredible?

Proper Proportion

Fans come in a variety of shapes and sizes. As a result, you must select a fan with the proper proportion. Furthermore, many pedestal fans come with an adjustable stand that allows you to modify the height. As a result, you can adjust the fan to fit the proportions of the space. So, the air circulation will improve and become cooler.

Easy to Use and Maintain

Pedestal fans are the most economical fans and do not demand the buyer to maintain it exclusively. Before buying, one should be careful to purchase those models which are durable and long-lasting. The rule is to clean them from time to time, including the fan blades, and leave it as it is.

Most fans have DC motors which prevent the chances of overheating and, in this manner, extend their life span. Also, one can buy them with a warranty time.


When it comes to price, electric fans are pretty reasonable. Thus many people can afford it and use it wherever they want.

So, these are the major criteria that make an electric fan a better one. Well, if you are a bit puzzled about where you can get these electric fans at a reasonable price, Buymode is here to assist you!

Buy Electric Fans at the Best Price in UAE

What Other Features Should You Think About?

Let the fan's location be your major guide when it concerns features. Some of these are listed below, along with a brief explanation.

Automatic Swinging

Many fans have this capability, which allows them to move from side to side, increasing airflow coverage automatically. The movability should be smooth and noise free.

Adjustable Speeds

Many fans have up to four settings for convenience, while others have more varied controls so that you may fine-tune your desired speed. Keep in mind that the higher the speed setting, the higher the noise level, but a good quality fan is less noisy. At the absolute least, the fan should have two speed settings: high and low.

Adjustable Height

Typically connected with pedestal fans, this refers to the ability to adjust the height of the fan head on the pole.

Easy to Clean

Seek for a simple fan to remove so you can wash the blades and tray of dust and grime that collects over time (particularly if someone in your family has allergies!). A bladeless fan removes the need to clean the blades and grills, but it includes a filter that must be cleaned and changed regularly.

So, you should check these factors before buying an electric fan. Buymode offers a wide range of collections to buy electric fans with all the features.

What is the Price of Electric Fans in UAE?

Buymode has various fan collections at a reasonable price, costing 125.00AED-135.00AED. Also, you can avail many deals and offers on different occasions!

Latest Electric Fans Price List in UAE 2022

FREE!! 60W Electric Oscillating Standing Pedestal Fan, Black With Free Extension Cord 3M - Price: 129.00 AED

Electronic Three-Blade Ceiling Fan, 56 Inch - Price: 135.00 AED

70W Electronic Wall-Mounted Fan 16" - Price: 135.00 AED

60W Electric Comfort Control Oscillating Table Fan Adjustable Tilt Head 16" - Price: 135.00 AED

60W Electric Oscillating Standing Pedestal Fan - Price: 125.00 AED

60W Electric Oscillating Standing Pedestal Fan - Price: 125.00 AED

Reasons to Choose Buymode for Fans

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Does the Exhaust Fan Consume More Electricity?

They need approximately 30 to 40 watts of power. Exhaust fans should be active for about 20 minutes after a bath, according to experts. Overall, it will cost you between 1.56 AED and 2.90 AED a month if you leave it on for roughly 6 hours per day.

Does a Ceiling Fan Consume Less Electricity at a Slow Speed?

No, even when operating at different speeds, the fan uses the same amount of current. Since you can regulate the fan's speed, you can also manage the voltage loss. The only effect of this voltage drop on the current flow or current consumption is heat generation inside the regulator.

What Temp Should My Electric Fan Turn On?

At around 200 degrees Fahrenheit, your electric fan should start to operate.