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STARGOLD Kettle 2.5-Liter with Automatic Turn-Off Electric Kettle 1600W High-Grade 304 Stainless Steel, SG-1461 SILVER

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Specification: Brand: STARGOLD SKU: SG-1461 Voltage: AC 220-240V Frequency: 50-60Hz Wattage: 1600 watts Capacity: 1.0 liters Feature 1: Stainless Steel Body Feature 2: Overload Protection Feature 3: On/Off Light Indicator Feature 4: Heat-Free Handle Feature 5: Automatic Power Cut After Boiling Feature 6: Automatic Power Cut In Case Of Empty-Burning Gross Length: 16.8cm Gross Height: 19.5cm Gross Width: 15cm Gross Weight: 0.745kg Useful For: Tea, Coffee, Boiling Water, Boil Egg

Product Description

Introducing the STARGOLD Electric Kettle SG-1461 SILVER – where style meets functionality. Elevate your kitchen experience with this high-quality kettle, designed to make your daily tea, coffee, and boiling water needs a seamless affair.

Key Features:

  1. Brand: STARGOLD:

    • Choose a brand you can trust. STARGOLD brings you the SG-1461 SILVER, a sleek and efficient electric kettle crafted to meet your boiling requirements with ease.
  2. SKU: SG-1461:

    • Identify and locate your kettle effortlessly with the unique SKU assigned to this model.
  3. Voltage: AC 220-240V:

    • Designed to operate efficiently within the standard voltage range, ensuring compatibility with your home electrical system.
  4. Frequency: 50-60Hz:

    • Adaptable to different power frequencies, making it suitable for various regions.
  5. Wattage: 1600 Watts:

    • Enjoy rapid boiling with the powerful 1600W heating element, reducing waiting time and making your daily routine more efficient.
  6. Capacity: 1.0 Liters:

    • Perfectly sized for your daily needs, the 1.0-liter capacity is ideal for brewing tea, coffee, boiling water, and even boiling eggs.
  7. Stainless Steel Body:

    • Elevate the aesthetics of your kitchen with the high-grade 304 stainless steel body, combining durability with a modern, sleek design.
  8. Overload Protection:

    • Ensure safety and longevity with the built-in overload protection feature, preventing damage from electrical surges.
  9. On/Off Light Indicator:

    • Stay informed about the status of your kettle with the on/off light indicator, providing a visual cue for operational awareness.
  10. Heat-Free Handle:

    • Experience convenience and safety with the heat-free handle, allowing you to handle the kettle comfortably even when it's hot.
  11. Automatic Power Cut After Boiling:

    • Enjoy peace of mind with the automatic power cut feature, ensuring the kettle switches off immediately after reaching the boiling point.
  12. Automatic Power Cut In Case Of Empty-Burning:

    • Protect your kettle from damage with the automatic power cut in case of empty-burning, adding an extra layer of safety.
  13. Gross Dimensions:

      • Gross Length: 16.8cm
      • Gross Height: 19.5cm
      • Gross Width: 15cm
  14. Gross Weight: 0.745kg:

    • Lightweight and portable, this kettle is easy to handle and store, making it a versatile addition to your kitchen.
  15. Useful For: Tea, Coffee, Boiling Water, Boil Egg:

    • Whether you're a tea enthusiast, coffee lover, or need boiling water for various culinary purposes, this kettle is your go-to appliance.

Upgrade your kitchen with the STARGOLD Electric Kettle SG-1461 SILVER, where performance meets elegance. Boil water effortlessly and enjoy your favorite beverages with the reliability and style of this premium electric kettle.