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STARGOLD 14 Inch Rechargeable Table Fan with Remote Control and SMD LED light, SG-4048 Red

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Brand: STARGOLD SKU: SG-4048 Size: 14 Inch Rechargeable Fan Battery Type: 40W 12V 7Ah Max Speed: 1640RPM Number of Speeds: 3 Speeds Energy Used: Battery Installation: Portable Material: ABS Product Height: 20 cm Product Length: 57 cm Product Width: 47 cm Wattage: 40 W Operate Time: 20 Hours. Led Time: 40 Hours. Warranty: 1 Year Country of Origin: China

Product Description

STARGOLD SG-4048 Red 14 Inch Rechargeable Table Fan

Cool yourself and light up your table with the Stargold 14 inch rechargeable table fan. Whether you're burning the midnight oil, studying diligently, or simply craving comfort, this fan embodies the perfect fusion of functionality, portability, and energy efficiency. 

Its vibrant red hue and impressive features make it a standout addition to any home or office setting. Stargold rechargeable fan (SG-4048 - Red) enhances your cooling and lighting solutions today. For a detailed overview of this remarkable Stargold rechargeable fan, read the full product description below.

STARGOLD SG-4048 Red 14 Inch Rechargeable Table Fan


The cooling solutions provided by Stargold are dependable, innovative, and efficient. As a brand dedicated to excellence, Stargold specialize in design and manufacturing high-quality rechargeable fans specifically suited to your cooling requirements.


The SG-4048 model can be conveniently found and utilized to fulfill any inquiries or purchases. This rechargeable fan simplifies operation and enhances performance.


With its white and red exterior, the Stargold rechargeable fan boasts a sleek design. Versatile placement options allow you to place it on a side table, study desk, or even on the floor.

Durable Fan:

You'll be amazed at the durability of the best rechargeable fan with LED light on the market. This sleek fan is constructed from premium materials, ensuring stable and consistent performance for years to come. Its integrated LED light is securely built, providing reliable illumination for years to come.

Multi-purpose LED Fan:

You can enjoy enhanced nighttime visibility whenever you use this portable rechargeable fan with LED light. Additionally, it doubles as a convenient phone charger with USB connectivity, ensuring your devices stay powered up on the go.

Compact Size:

In a crystal-clear white hue, the 14 inch rechargeable fan is designed compactly suitable for any household. A perfect balance of convenience and efficiency, it fits seamlessly on your desk, tabletop, or any other surface you desire.

Powerful Battery:

With Stargold rechargeable fan, you can experience uninterrupted cooling comfort. This table fan features a powerful 40W 12V 7Ah battery that ensures consistent and efficient airflow. You will be able to enjoy prolonged relief from heat without having to interrupt your power supply.

Max Speed:

A powerful airflow is delivered by this rechargeable standing fan, which rotates at a maximum speed of 1640 revolutions per minute. You will experience swift and efficient cooling in any environment.

Number of Speeds:

Three customizable speeds can be adjusted with the rechargeable fan with remote control. Adapt the airflow to your liking by selecting from the three adjustable fan speeds, so you can enjoy personalized comfort and optimal cooling wherever you are.

Energy Used:

You can reduce your dependence on traditional power sources with this rechargeable standing fan powered by a powerful battery. With battery operation, you'll benefit from a sustainable cooling solution that minimizes the impact on the environment.

STARGOLD SG-4048 14 inch rechargeable standing fan in UAE


This rechargeable fan provides versatility of installation, enabling placement indoors or outdoors wherever needed. The fan can be easily moved to different areas, ensuring optimal cooling and illumination wherever you are.

Durable Material:

With a premium ABS construction, the portable rechargeable fan is built to last. Its robust build ensures resilience against wear and tear, guaranteeing consistent performance over time.

Compact Dimensions:

Among the best rechargeable fans with LED lights, this one sports compact dimensions, with a height of 20 cm, length of 57 cm, and width of 47 cm. Its space-saving design makes it a versatile choice for any environment, ensuring easy placement and convenient use in various settings.

Efficient Wattage:

A 40W energy-efficient fan, this 14 inch rechargeable fan ensures optimal cooling without affecting your electric bill. This efficient power consumption model provides a relaxing breeze while remaining environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Extended Operation Time:

Stargold rechargable fan is an ideal choice for extended usage, offering up to 20 hours of continuous operation on a single charge. Ideal for long workdays or balmy summer evenings, it ensures uninterrupted cooling comfort, providing relief whenever needed.

LED Light Functionality:

An integrated SMD LED light is integrated into this rechargeable standing fan, illuminating your workspace. Whether it's day or night, enjoy up to 40 hours of illumination on a single charge.

1-Year Warranty:

With Stargold 14 inch rechargeable fan, your investment is safeguarded by a reassuring 1-year warranty. This warranty provides peace of mind and instils confidence in the durability and reliability of your purchase.

Stargold delivers to you the best 14 inch rechargeable fan that will revolutionize your cooling journey. This versatile and dependable fan ensures optimal cooling comfort year-round. Whether it's scorching summer days or warm evenings, trust the Stargold rechargeable fan (SG-4048) to keep you refreshed. 

With Stargold's superior quality and technology, you will be able to experience the difference. This 14-inch rechargeable table fan is a great way to upgrade your cooling solution. So, don't miss out on the chance to upgrade your comfort and convenience.

STARGOLD 14 Inch Rechargeable Table Fan with Remote Control and SMD LED lightSTARGOLD 14 inch rechargeable standing fan with remote controlSTARGOLD SG-4048 14 inch rechargeable standing fan in UAESTARGOLD SG-4048 14 inch rechargeable standing fan in UAE